Finger's Crossed - New Photo Entry

I always enjoy sharing my art ... and especially when someone purchase it to display in their home. Today, I submitted for exhibition in an upcoming show in Carlsbad. I'll know more in March if I'm selected. But until then, you can see them.

Most people have heard "A picture is worth a thousand words". With my photographs below comes a 6-word story, inspired by Ernest Hemingway. I found this project a harder than I thought. Even in the "Twitter Age", I found it challenging to tell a story in only 6 words. If you see a different story, please share.

"I Work for Apple"

6 word story "Child Hungry. I'll take THAT Job!"

"Neighborhood: Open"

6 word story "Your neighborhood, my neighborhood: Come, Enjoy!"


6 word story "I look. You left. We're waiting."