Oceanside Photography - North County Locations

I enjoy shooting in many locations in North County San Diego. The beaches are great, but there are other interesting places too. You can be inspired by almost any locations, such as outdoor patios at restaurants or random staircases. I like to find different and creative locations to shoot. When selecting a place to shoot, look at new and different backgrounds.

In preparation of your photo shoot, you might want to check out a few tips and tricks.

Listed below are the locations I shoot out. These include several areas, both the Harbor, beach, park and urban area in Oceanside and Carlsbad.


Heritage Park

220 Peyri Road., Oceanside, CA. 
Home to many of the original historic buildings of Oceanside, dating to the early 1900s. 

Closed on Mon. & Tues. Closes at 4:00 pm

Buddy Todd Park

Mesa Drive & Parnassus Circle
. Great views, glassy area and play yards.

Oceanside Civic Center and Library
This is a beautiful building with great arches and a fountain wishing pond in the courtyard.

If you have a ghoulish sense of fun, the Oceanside Cemetery off of Coast Hwy is a fun place to shoot. There are tombstones dating back to the 1840s.

Magee Park

Batiquitos Lagoon

Lifeguard Station #30 - Carlsbad
Just north of Cannon Rd, across from the Encina Power Plant. A great place to have the ocean at your back and plenty of rocks!

Travel fees apply for distances from 10-100+ miles away from Oceanside (Zip Code 92054). The fee ranges from $25-$125 depending on the final location. A $25 travel fee will be added for multiple locations. Fees must be paid for 3-days prior to photo shoot. Depending on shooting location, an addition fee(s) may apply, such as admission fees to parks, parking fees, museums and gardens. If the location is outside of San Diego County, hotel and air fees apply. It will be discussed prior to any commitment.