Oceanside Photographer Save Lives ... Share our Story: 100 Cali Dogs ... 100 Stories

My name is Rita Spiegel and the owner of a rescued dog, a 14-lb. Pomeranian, named Kharma. Following my passion, I left my “day job” to become a Photographer. Prior to that, I’ve worked for a variety animal rescue groups, humane societies and animal centers, promoting spay and neuter programs.

Combining my passion for photography and experience working with dogs, I’ve created the 100 Cali Dogs … 100 Stories Project. In both photographs and words, I’ll tell the stories of the 100 Cali Dogs and the people who share their life. Throughout this project, Kharma and I will travel throughout the state of California, interviewing and photographing dogs, their owners and volunteers from animal rescue organizations. This 18-month project will result with a 100 page plus hardback book.

Every dog who has shared my life has been spay or neutered. I believe strongly in this important issue. Because of my strong commitment to this issue, proceeds from this project will support non-profit organizations that promote spay and neuter programs and pet overpopulation education.

To fund the project, I need financial support. Through 100 Cali Dogs, I'm offering perks and benefits for contributors of this important project is up and running. Click to Donate. I'm looking for a non-profit animal rescue organization who is willing to be part of this amazing project. If you are part of a group, please contact me.

Through www.100CaliDogs.wordpress.com , I’ll keep sponsors and the community updated on the dogs and their owners interviewed for this project.

This project isn’t about me, but about telling the incredible stories of dogs and the people in their lives, getting more dogs spayed and neutered and ultimately … saving lives.